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3 Days 

Civil Disobedience

35,000 Camped out in 

West Potomac Park

The May Day Tribe is gathering again in Washington, DC on May 3, 2016.

Celebrate, reminisce and honor our friends and comrades who have gone to that great "Protest In The Sky" and look to the future

​We invite you to join us!

Click here To RSVP: MayDayTribe71@gmail.com

May 2 - Evening

Celebration party at The Hotel Harrington

May 3 - 

View footage of May DAy street actions

Share Your Stories

Discuss the history of May Day and the future of political action in 2016

Over 12,000 Arrested

for peace

Hotel Harrington


All events will take place at The Hotel Harrington, 436 11th St. NW (downtown).

If you need a hotel room please let us know as we have reserved a room block but you need to make your reservation through us. Please do not call the hotel directly. E-mail: MayDayTribe71@gmail.com

  • Create a Speakers Bureau to take the story of May Day to the people
  • Expand This Website & Facebook Page
  • Assemble a traveling May Day exhibit
  • Tape our Oral Histories

Our Mission

  • Opening Party the evening of May 2
  • View footage of May Day street Actions
  • Share Our Stories
  • View exhibit of May Day posters, buttons, pamphlets, flyers, leaflets and other items.


  • Invited Participants: Rennie Davis, Daniel Ellsberg, Mme Binh (sending a message)
  • Discuss May Day's place in history
  • Discuss future political actions
  • Be with our friends on the 45th Anniversary of May Day

May 3, 2016

May Day Tribe Reunion

Bring together the old May Day Tribe

Share our life stories

Talk about how May Day changed the direction of our lives and the war in Vietnam 

Make plans for the future

Judy Gumbo, Carole Cullum, Michael Drobenare and Noreen Banks were talking about "the good old days' and realized it has been 45 years since all of us were together in the streets of DC for May Day.

We decided to gather together the May Day Collective to celebrate, reminisce, honor our friends and comrades and talk about May Day's place in history and in the future.

May Day Tribe '71 We're Back!